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Capitulo I


  • Comparación 3 soluciones Erendira

loaded acquisition 20162780015 to 20162781746 and then did an averages of files.

-Map of current averages for each solution:

Solution F

Solution G

Solution H

-Used a lag correction was estimate the max correlation between solution for all ranges, We note that the correlation after 210 km (cell 70) were very noisy. So after 210 km the data was delete.

Correlation F - G

Correlation F - H

Correlation G - H

-After the estimate the correlation, we found the median lag for all ranges and add the angle corresponding Lag for each couple:

  • For the couple F-G we found that serie F was delayed respect serie G, then we add 5 degree to serie F.
  • For couple F-H the serie F was delayed respect serie H so we add 3 degree to serie F.
  • And couple G-H the serie H was delayed respect serie G so we add 2 degree to serie H.

With the serie corrected we estimate the standard deviation for velocity before and after the add the angle:

coupleStd beforeStd after
F - G0.05190.0380
F - H0.04590.0459
G - H0.04870.0422

-We found that the difference between the solution F-G in the standard deviation was significant in comparison with other solution.

-How we know the phase shift between the solution we add 3 degree to the solution F and delay 2 degree to the solution G and at the solution H nothing for correct the phase shift beetween all solution. After of that we estimate standard deviation for the file of each hour:

coupleStd beforeStd after
F - G0.12830.1205
F - H0.13150.1326
G - H0.13410.1289

-How we can see don't exist significant difference between the solution before and after the add the correction at each solution.

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Page last modified on June 13, 2017, at 11:29 PM PST